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IOWAccess Process

IOWAccess Program Guidelines and Process - 9/16/14

Reference: State of Iowa Code: 8B.31 IOWAccess — office duties and responsibilities The purpose of the IOWAccess Revolving Fund is to create and provide a service to Iowa’s citizens that will serve as a gateway for one-stop electronic access to governmental information, transactions, and services at state, county, or local levels. In this role, the fund supports agency proposals for funding of electronic projects. Since 1998, $14.7 million in completed e-Government projects have been financially supported by IOWAccess. The IOWAccess Revolving Fund has been and continues to be an important funding source for a variety of e-Government projects, from licensing services to providing website accessibility training for agency employees.


(subject to change, with or without notice)

  1. Requests must be received by the end of business on the last day of the calendar quarter.
  2. The requestor must complete an application using the State’s Iowa Grants System: Iowa Grants System.
  3. The request must be made by a State of Iowa, county or local government entity.
  4. The request provides a benefit to the state, and provides a service to the citizens of Iowa.
  5. The request must provide electronic access to government information or transactions whether federal, state or local.
  6. The state retains ownership of any final product or is granted a permanent license to the use of the product, as appropriate.
  7. The proposed project must include expected outcomes and the manner in which such outcomes are to be measured and evaluated.
  8. The request must include the delivery of operations and status reports from the requestor.
  9. The request must include an explanation on why normal funding and budget processes cannot be used.
  10. The request must include an explanation of how ongoing costs will be covered.


(subject to change, with or without notice) IOWAccess requests will be reviewed quarterly. All requests received by end of business on the last day of the calendar quarter will be reviewed by the Technology Leadership Group (TLG) within 30 days.

  1. Any questions or requests for additional information will be directed to the point of contact listed.
  2. Recommendations are forwarded to the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).
  3. The OCIO makes the final determination for approval or disapproval.
  4. The OCIO may choose to fund the request in part, in whole, or not at all.
  5. Notifications will be made as soon as possible after the decision.

Priority will be given to projects that incorporate one or more of the following factors: 1. There is a benefit to all citizens of the State. 2. The entity is involved in a cross-collaborative effort. 3. The proposed project, once completed, can be shared with and used by other federal, state, or local government entities, as appropriate. 4. The requestor commits to pay a portion of the cost themselves or has available funding from another source.

Project Spending Plan

After funds are awarded based on the IOWAccess prioritization, agencies granted funding are required to complete a spending plan for their projects. The intent of the spending plan is to notify the OCIO how the funding will be expended. This spending plan will be reviewed when processing reimbursement requests from agencies. The spending plan must be completed and approved before agencies can submit reimbursement requests for their project expenditures. Reimbursement after Agency Purchase The agency requests reimbursement for purchases of goods and services from a prior purchase made by the agency. The agency expends its own agency funds for the goods and services and submits a reimbursement request to the OCIO with a copy of the vendor invoice and I/3 payment document from the original paid invoice. The agency will retain all invoices and accounting documents for auditing purposes. Legislative Report Due each January for IOWAccess Funds.  The OCIO is required to report on projects funded through the IOWAccess Revolving Fund. IOWAccess legislative reports are delivered annually to the legislature by January 31. Each legislative report updates projects from the previous report, as well as additional projects from the following fiscal years. A reminder for the legislative report’s contents will be sent to all project leads in October in order to prepare and deliver the current report by the January deadline. Expiration Date for IOWAccess Project Funds IOWAccess projects only have two years from the time funds are awarded to complete their IOWAccess projects. Individual project funds remaining at the end of the two-year period are returned to the IOWAccess Revolving Fund to be used by other qualifying projects.


Please send any questions or comments to: CIO@iowa.gov

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