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Who We Are

The Office of the Chief Information Officer was created as an independent agency for the purpose of leading, directing, managing, coordinating, and providing accountability for the information technology resources of state government.

The mission of the office is to provide information technology and business solutions to government and citizens through guidance, service delivery and partnerships. Our vision is to enable the digital transformation of government through collaboration and innovation, to deliver citizen-centric solutions.

The office manages and directs the work of information technology staff, assigning information technology staff as required to support information technology requirements and initiatives of the office, and to review and recommend approval of information technology staff employment decisions in coordination with the department of management. The Chief Information Officer is appointed by the Governor to serve at the pleasure of the Governor and is subject to confirmation by the Senate.


Senate File 396 was passed by the Iowa General Assembly and signed by the Governor to create the Office of the Chief Information Officer beginning July 1, 2013. Funding was established for the Office of the Chief Information Officer beginning July 1, 2014 at which time all personnel of the Department of Administrative Services Information Technology Enterprise were transferred into the OCIO. Iowa Code Chapter 8B grants the Office of the Chief Information Officer comprehensive duties and powers related to the coordination, direction, and authority for information technology in the executive branch of state government.

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