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Broadband Availability Map - Version 4

April 15, 2021

Official Notice. The Office has opened a data collection period for the newest version of the Statewide "Broadband Availability Map" in preparation for the Broadband Availability Map Version 4 ("V4") to be adopted by the Office later this year. Data collection will be conducted by Connected Nation, the Office's contractor for mapping activities. Data must be provided to Connected Nation by April 30, 2021 to be included in Broadband Availability Map V4.

During this period, providers of broadband service in Iowa may submit updated data to Connected Nation concerning changes to their residential broadband service areas since the previous data collection activities in preparation for Broadband Availability Map Version 3 ("V3") were completed on July 31, 2020.

See Connected Nation Broadband Map V4 data collection instructions.

You may also contact the Office directly with questions by sending an e-mail to ociogrants@iowa.gov

A schedule for the final publication and adoption of Broadband Availability Map V4 will be published at a later time.



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