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Notice of Funding Availability #001 - Expired

NOTE: The Application Window Has Now Closed.

This page contains documentation and records associated with the OCIO Broadband Grant Program Notice of Funding Availability #001 which was issued December 17, 2019 and notice of intent to award $1.3 million published on April 30, 2019.  The information is made available as required by Iowa Code 2018 Chapter 8B.11(3) which requires the OCIO to "conduct an open application review process and include a public internet site for applications, results, and performance." This opportunity is not active and has expired. Accordingly, the information on this page is not associated with current or future grant opportunities made available as part of the State of Iowa Broadband Grant Program. Please see for information about current and future programs.

The following materials concerning OCIO Broadband Grant Program Notice of Funding Availability #001 can be found below:

Notice of Funding Availability #001 - Documentation

The documentation associated with Notice of Funding Availability #001 is provided here for reference. All addenda and exhibits can be found by clicking the appropriate link below.

Notice of Funding Availability #001 - Timeline

Notice of Funding Availability #001 was conducted from December 18, 2018 through April 30, 2019.  Steps and dates of each activities are described in the schedule below.

Grant Timeline Date
NOFA Issued 12/17/2018
Written Questions Due 1/11/2019
Written Responses Posted 1/25/2019
Applications Acceptance Window Begins 2/18/2019
Applications Due 3/15/2019
Technical Review Begins 3/18/2019
Technical Review Ends 3/29/2019
Applications Posted Online for Public Comment 4/1/2019
Applications and Quantitative Scoring Submitted to members of Review Committee 4/1/2019
Public Comment Period and Review Committee Period Ends 4/12/2019
Office Review Begins 4/15/2019
Notice of Intent to Award 4/30/2019

Notice of Funding Availability #001 - Applications Received

17 applications were submitted to the OCIO in response to NOFA #001. The public, redacted versions of each application are provided below. In the Application Download column, click the link labeled "zip" next to each application to download a zip file containing the public version of that application. Additionally, the OCIO conducted a public comment process wherein members of the public could comment on any of the applications received. The public comments, along with any attestations received, have been included in the Public Comments Download column below.  

Control Number Application Application Download
298223 Chariton Valley PDC - Lockridge Networks zip
302089 Evertek - LTE Expansion zip
301481 Windstream - Iowa Broadband zip
298408 Heartland Telecommunications - Ireton zip
298369 Van Buren Telephone - Stockport zip
298410 Heartland Telecommunications - Boyden and Hull zip
298359 Sully Telephone Association zip
298759 Searsboro Telephone Company - 2019 FTTH zip
300995 BTC - CR1 Carroll Fiber Optic Project zip
301002 BTC - 195th Street - Glenwood zip
301926 Green Township Broadband zip
298114 Breda Telephone - Arcadia Overbuild zip
301953 WTC Communications - Wilton zip
299297 Omnitel Communications - Carson and Oakland zip
301001 BTC - Cedar Hills Housing Subdivision - Malvern zip
301959 City of Adair Fiber Project zip
300990 BTC- Auburn Overbuild zip

Notice of Funding Availability #001 - Evaluation Materials

Evaluation materials associated with Notice of Funding Availability #001 are provided below. Each evaluation element provides different information concerning the numerous steps and phases of the evaluation process. Refer to Notice of Funding Availability #001 (posted above) for information about the evaluation process.


Evaluation Element Download
Final Agency Decision and Allocations
Master Scoring Spreadsheet
Quantitative Scoring Spreadsheet
Technical Review Spreadsheet
Broadband Grant Review Committee Input
Public Comments Received

Notice of Funding Availability #001 - Application Map

The map below shows the location of applications submitted under NOFA #001. Application areas shaded in green reflect areas for which grant applications were funded under the program. Application areas that are shaded in light gray reflect areas for which grant applications were not awarded funds under the program.



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