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I think that the Governor needs to look at selling off the excess ICN bandwidth at really low rates to the Telco’s that will bring more fiber into rural communities. I am very glad we did not sell this asset, now we just need to leverage its power. 
Gretchen Bartelson
Sheldon, IA

I heartily endorse this project and look forward to solutions that will facilitate more options for broadband internet in Iowa.

I live In Vinton Iowa pop. 5000. I can't get AT&T to deliver me high speed internet because of the distance to my home from the source. This has been going on for 14 years and they have yet to upgrade their infrastructure to allow me access.

I also have checked with Mediacom and the same thing occurred in the same time frame.   Since the city of Vinton cannot operate their own cable company because of various laws then these companies should be required to provide this service to people living in the town.  This will be an arduous task and I wish the best as my challenges living in a populous town for 14 years and being unable to get high speed connected options have been fruitless let alone for people in rural communities.
Mark Elwick
Vinton, IA

I am a long serving member of the Adel City Council.  We are currently in the process of evaluating ways to bring much faster broadband to our businesses and residents.  Because of this, I am very interested in this effort.  Thank you.
Jon McAvoy
Adel, IA

I applaud the Governor's efforts on the Connect Iowa initiative.  It is sorely needed.  All can benefit from sufficient broadband.  I hope every Iowan would have access to a gb of service.  Think of the business and educational benefits of such a resource.  We would probably agree the cost could be prohibitive for communities and I hope the state can assist all in this excellent program.
Thank you. 
Jere Vyverberg
Waverly, IA

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