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Broadband Questions and Answers

Questions for Iowans:

Does anyone provide broadband service in my area? The service we have is not meeting our needs.

OCIO tracks provider service areas based on census block level reporting. To identify service providers in your area, visit this link:

Enter your address in the “Locate Provider by Address” field. Once you have your address displayed, click the “Find Provider Details” button for a listing of potential service providers. If there are no providers listed in your area, that could mean that broadband service was not reported as available at the time of map publication.



What are some rural broadband resources?

OCIO’s Broadband Office works with a variety of organizations to promote broadband expansion. Local organizations include county or city level economic development groups, agricultural organizations, and the Iowa Rural Development Council.   


How can I find out if a company has received State funds to build high speed broadband in my area?

Search for your address on the OCIO map of prior funding initiatives. If your address is located within a shaded area, click the map to learn more information about the awarded provider. 

Who regulates broadband provider companies in state government?

State government does not regulate broadband provider companies.   The Office of the Chief Information Officer does not regulate any company, however providers who have successfully applied for state grant funding opportunities are required to meet certain requirements for build out that the Office routinely monitors for compliance.  Our office administers the broadband grant program to fund projects for broadband expansion submitted by companies.   

How do I stay in touch with the office?

Please subscribe to the Broadband Grants notification group to be notified when the office announces new grant opportunities and or is collecting public feedback on broadband availability maps.

I have a question about the broadband grant application. Who can I speak to?
Please submit your questions by completing our inquiry form.


Provider Questions:

After reviewing this information if you still have a question regarding the application process, submit your questions by completing our inquiry form.

I have a question about claim payments, how does this process work?

Each grant program has a specific reimbursement guide.  Please review the guide for your NOFA grant program:

NOFA #1 Reimbursement Guide
NOFA #2 Reimbursement Guide

NOFA #3 Grants Management Policies and Procedures Guide
NOFA #4 Grants Management Policies and Procedures Guide

How are claim payments processed?
OCIO staff will process all claims for reimbursement submitted through the Iowa Grants Management System. Once the office review is complete, we contact the grantee’s POC regarding any questions. The timeline for payments being issued by the state will vary based on a variety of factors, but will generally be completed within 60 days of the approval of project completion materials.

Where can I find current grant funding material?
Active and past opportunities for broadband funding can be found on the OCIO broadband grants website.

I have an awarded project in an area defined as a “Targeted Service Area. Why is this area still eligible for grant funding?
The state broadband availability map does not display broadband infrastructure projects that are planned or underway, but instead whether broadband was available as of the date the map was published.  The map will display a census block as unserved or materially underserved (TSA) until new broadband service reporting is available and included in an update of the Broadband Availability Map.  For more information about the map update process please review the information posted here:

If you have feedback about the targeted service areas please subscribe to the Broadband Grants notification group to be notified when the comment period is open and you can provide your feedback.  

How do I get my company's service information updated on the map?
The Office documents and communicates broadband service facilitated speeds through the creation and publication of this Statewide “Broadband Availability Map.” You can read the specific law about facilitated speeds in the Iowa Administrative Code 129—20.3 and 20.4. In doing so, the Office utilizes maps and data sources made available by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and/or developed or produced by contractors or third parties retained or utilized by the office for such purpose. Iowa Admin. Code r. 129—20.3. Provider service area information is collected during the broadband availability map data collection and open comment period which happens before final publication of the Broadband Availability Map. The Office conducts a new mapping effort annually in each year when grant funds are made available. For more information about the most recently published Broadband Availability Map please visit:

My project area doesn't look correct on the award map, who do I talk to or how do I update this information?
Please send your feedback to Include in the email the organization name, the grant award number, and the Targeted Service Areas (TSA) that are being displayed incorrectly on the map. If there is supporting documentation, such as the awarded application file, please include that for review.

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