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Brokered Services & Products

The OCIO brokers quality IT services in a way that is better, faster, and cheaper.  The OCIO recently expanded its IT brokerage to include a more formalized IT contracting practice for use by all government entities.  

Why use OCIO brokered services/products?

The OCIO negotiates vendor contracts and monitors vendor performance which allows for standardization, greater efficiency and access to an established network of trusted public and private partners. 

How do I use brokered services/products?

To use any of the OCIO brokered services or products send your questions or requests to OCIOBrokerage@iowa.gov.

What brokered services/products are available?

Unless otherwise noted, the services/products listed below are available to all government entities including state and local governments.

Customer Resource Management

SalesForce customer relationship products and professional services. Product and services provided by SalesForce.


Digital Citizen Outreach

This service provides an automated system of email, text messages, RSS and social media to notify citizens of key government programs, events and issues. Service provided by Granicus Communications Cloud (formerly GovDelivery).

Google G Suite for the Enterprise

Cloud-based communication and collaboration products designed especially for governments. For a complete listing of available products, please visit the Google G Suite website.

IT Assessment Services

Services provided by a private sector firm, Martin Yarborough and Associates, specializing in IT assessments and health checks.


Operations Management

Cloud-based operations management solutions for government, including land management, licensing and regulation and community development. Product and services provided by BasicGov​.

Public Comment

 State of Iowa agencies post proposed plans, programs, initiatives, or other documents to the website for public comment and feedback. Make your comments at Iowa Public Comments. 

Website Hosting

Amazon's secure and scalable cloud services platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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