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Browser Help

The first way to help your experience is to upgrade your web browser to the newest version. We use some formats that take advantage of newer standards. 

As an example of older browser problems, the site search box in the top right corner may not show the magnifying glass or hint text in the entry field. Newer browsers show the visual hints.

In very old browsers, the layout may look vastly different from what is intended. This is due to use of newer coding standards which older browsers aren't programmed to interpret. Our compatibility testing guidelines specify using the newest versions of web browsers and the previous two versions.

Some browsers may be set to "compatibility mode" which renders web content the way older versions of the browser did. You may have better luck by disabling compatibility mode for our site for those browsers. This can usually be found in your browsers "tools", "settings" or "preferences" section. If you need help finding the control for this, check your browser's website or consult your preferred web search site.

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