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Broadband Map v5 Community and Provider Challenge Instructions

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Broadband Map v5
Community & Provider Challenge Instructions
The following instructions are provided for communities and communication service providers
seeking to challenge the State of Iowa Broadband Availability Map v5 (“Map v5”) - view instructions. Residents who wish to challenge
Map v5 can access the form directly through the Map. Supplemental materials can be found on this web page.

The challenge window is 30 calendar days; all challenges must be received by September 2,
2022. When submitting a challenge, evidence must be submitted for every location challenged
in support of changing the reported service and, if applicable, the likely eligible or likely
ineligible status at any location. Documentation that is speculative, generalized, or vague will
not be sufficient. You may use the Sworn Statement/Survey provided as a template for
gathering evidence concerning the conditions of broadband at locations being challenged.
Supporting documentation must be collected and submitted as part of a single pdf file.
Reference to the page number of the pdf must be noted in the applicable columns of the
Challenge Form. Challenged locations without a referenced page number will not be evaluated.
For pdfs exceeding the upload threshold of 25 MB, please email to
receive a link to our OneDrive folder for document submission.

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