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Resident Challenge Instructions Map V5

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Broadband Map v5
Resident Challenge Instructions

The following instructions are provided for residents seeking to challenge the State of Iowa Broadband Availability Map v5 (“Map v5”) (published at https://ocio.iowa.gov/broadband -availability-map-version-5). Communities and Communication Service Providers who wish to challenge Map v5 can access the challenge form at https://ocio.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/community_and_provider_challenge_form.xlsx. Instructions to use the form can be found at https://ocio.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/ map_v5_community_provider_challenge_instructions.pdf.

The challenge window is 30 calendar days; all challenges must be received by September 2, 2022. The Map, and the conditions it reports, serves to inform the eligibility of locations for future grant funding to internet providers to subsidize buildout. Ultimately, it is the eligibility
criteria established by those future grant programs that will determine the final eligibility of any address location for grant-funded buildout. Challenging information reflected on Map v5 may or may not impact the eligibility of a location to receive future grant funding. Further, the OCIO does not guarantee that the eligibility for any location will result in future buildout. Future buildout to a location is contingent solely on a communications service provider’s ability to
provide service.

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