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Information Technology Procurement

Looking to get Information Technology (IT) goods or service for your government agency or non-profit in Iowa? Participating State of Iowa agencies and other governmental entities may do so by taking advantage of already negotiated government contracts.

It is the mission of the State of Iowa Office of the Chief Information Officer, Business Services Division to facilitate the procurement of IT goods and services in consultation with qualifying government agencies and nonprofits.

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Approval Processes for Participating Agencies

All participating State of Iowa agencies must submit for approval any IT procurements or projects meeting certain criteria. A participating agency is defined as “any state agency, except the state board of regents and institutions operated under the authority of the state board of regents.” (Iowa Code 8B.1(12).)

Bidding on Contracts

Learn more about current information technology bid opportunities.

If you are interested in registering to bid on state contracts, viewing current non-information technology bid opportunities, or finding additional information about doing business with the State of Iowa, visit the Department of Administrative Services Procurement site.

You may also elect to receive notifications regarding new and ongoing information technology bid opportunities, by signing up for OCIO Procurement Bid Opportunities emails.

Awarded Contracts

Search for available contracts and learn more about Statewide Master Information Technology Agreements

Online Forms and Templates


If you have questions regarding the OCIO Information Technology procurement process, please contact us at


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