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Approval Processes


IT Procurement Approval Process for Participating Agencies

Any procurement of information technology, an information technology project, or information technology outsourcing satisfying any or all of the following conditions must receive prior approval from the office before a participating agency issues a competitive selection document; issues any order or other acquisition document, including an order under a master information technology agreement; or otherwise seeks to procure information technology through the office or on its own procurement authority (including but not limited to where such procurement authority is delegated by the office to a participating agency elsewhere in this chapter). Prior approval is required when the information technology acquisition, project, or outsourcing satisfies any or all of the following conditions:

  1. Costs $25,000 or more; or
  2. Is projected to involve 750 agency staff hours or more; or
  3. Involves substantial information-security concerns, including but not limited to the sensitivity or confidentiality of the data involved; the location of the system, data to be stored therein, or both; or the data involved is subject to state or federal regulatory requirements governing data security, confidentiality, or integrity; or
  4. Involves significant compatibility, interoperability, or connectivity concerns.​

(Iowa Admin. r. Code 129—10.7(8B))


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Waiver from IT Governance Requirements


A waiver from an information technology governance requirement may be submitted by a participating agency. A participating agency seeking waiver from an information technology governance requirement must fully complete the form provided below, which generally requires the following information:

  • Name and address of the participating agency and a telephone number and email address for the point of contact; 
  • Citation to the specific IT governance requirement for which the waiver is submitted; 
  • A statement of facts, including a description of the problem or issue prompting the request; 
  • Description of the participating agency’s preferred solution; 
  • An alternative approach to be implemented by the participating agency intended to satisfy the waived information technology governance requirement; 
  • Description of the business case for the alternative approach; 
  • A copy of a third-party audit or report that compares the participating agency’s preferred solution to the IT solution that can be provided by the office; 
  • The economic justification for the waiver or a statement as to why the waiver is in the best interests of the state; 
  • The time period for which the waiver is requested and, to the extent a permanent waiver is requested, explain why a temporary waiver would be impracticable; and 
  • Any other information, including supporting evidence or documentation, deemed relevant by the participating agency.

(Iowa Admin. r. Code 129—8.6(8B))


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