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Frequently Asked Questions

In January 2020, the OCIO adopted new rules for IT procurement that will impact participating agencies of the State of Iowa. To support the implementation of these rules, OCIO has developed this FAQ to answer the most common questions that have been received from agencies.  Please note that as a general rule, any IT procurement request should also be reflected on your agency 5-year technology strategic plan.  


1. Where can I find OCIO’s Administrative Rules related to IT procurements?

OCIO Administrative Rules relating to IT procurements took effect on January 22, 2020. These rules apply to all participating agencies as defined under Iowa Code Chapter 8B.1(12), and can be found at Iowa Administrative Code 129—10 Procurement of Information Technology.


2. What do these new rules require generally?

The new rules concerning Information Technology procurement govern both the process for which agencies receive approval to make IT procurements and the mechanisms agencies must use to acquire IT goods and services.


3. Do I need to request OCIO approval before I purchase an information technology good or service?

Yes, pursuant to this new rule, participating agencies should submit an IT Procurement Request for Approval form for any IT procurements that meet any of the following criteria:

  • Costs $25,000 or more; or
  • Is projected to involve 750 agency staff hours or more; or
  • Involves substantial information-security concerns, including but not limited to the sensitivity or confidentiality of the data involved; the location of the system, data to be stored therein, or both; or the data involved is subject to state or federal regulatory requirements governing data security, confidentiality, or integrity; or
  • Involves significant compatibility, interoperability, or connectivity concerns.


4. Where do I submit my request to purchase?

A copy of the IT Procurement Request for Approval form can be found at


5. Do I still need to submit for approval via the Department of Management (DOM)?

Yes.  While OCIO is diligently working with DOM to consolidate the two forms, it is still a separate process and the DOM form still needs to be completed.  OCIO will provide notification once the processes have been combined. 


IDOM Equipment/Service Justification Form


6. Do I still need to submit approval to the Project and Investment site?

No.  The OCIO has combined these two approval processes, however you are still required to report on the progress of your projects.  For more information regarding Project and Investments progress reports go to:


7. How does this affect my current multi-year contracts?

Pursuant to Iowa Administrative Code 129--10.7(5), ongoing approval for previously approved procurements is generally not required, unless it meets the criteria outlined in 10.7(5)(a) and/or 10.7(5)(b).


IAC 129--10.7(5) Ongoing approval—when required. Once a procurement proposed by a participating agency is approved by the office, ongoing approval is not required, unless:

a. There is a material modification to a previously approved procurement; or

b. Communicated by the office to the participating agency in writing.


If additional approval is required pursuant to this rule, such approval shall follow the same process outlined in subrules 10.7(1) to 10.7(4)


8. What is entailed in the IAC 129—10.7 approval process, how long will approval take and how will I be notified?

The IT Procurement Request for Approval form will be reviewed by OCIO staff.  This process can take up to two (2) weeks and agencies will be notified by email regarding status and/or disposition.  


Once approved, the procurement may proceed, subject to any conditions imposed by OCIO.  If denied, OCIO will notify the participating agency via email of the available options, which may include modifying and resubmitting the request, canceling the request, or requesting an information technology waiver in accordance to IAC 129—7.  


9. Who can submit purchase requests?  

Each agency determines who has the authority to submit the IT Procurement Request for Approval form on behalf of their agency.  Although OCIO may provide approval of the procurement, each agency is responsible for following their own procurement rules and guidelines.


10. Am I required to submit a 10.7 Approval for new CAI IT staff augmentation engagements?

No. The existing backend approval process via CAI’s VectorVMS platform provides the State CIO with the opportunity to approve or deny new CAI staff augmentation engagements. That approval substitutes for and satisfies the pre-approval requirements defined under IAC 129—10.7. Your agency still may be required to submit a DOM approval form DOM Equipment/Service Justification Form.


11. Where do I go for more information?

For more information regarding the IT Procurement Process visit


If you have questions regarding the procurement or waiver process, please contact

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