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The City of Davenport eGov Mobile application makes it easy for residents of City of Davenport, Iowa to stay connected with their local government.

A comprehensive feature set gives users access to nearly all aspects of their local government - government departments and officials, community news & events, the ability to report problems, access to meeting minutes and schedules, and information on community services. Users will also be able to interact with their community through social networks (Facebook and Twitter), view photo galleries of interest to the community and other functions.

Report a variety of issues directly to various City departments -- even take pictures with your Android and load them into your service request. Receive an email confirmation your request was received, then track progress on your request through the City's Action Center.

Look up information about City of Davenport government and elected officials, including phone numbers and email addresses, find out who is on various boards and commissions and when and where they meet. Find the address for a City department, official, service or function then use the built-in mapping capability to locate the address and even show driving directions from your current location.

Stay abreast of official City news, events and meeting information - it's current on their website and now it's current on your Android.

Keep up with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages using Social Media and even browse through a City of Davenport Photo Gallery.

Incredibly, all City services can now be reached easily using your Android! We've got an app for that in City of Davenport.

eGov Mobile is a joint venture of Victory Enterprises( (link is external)) and eGov Strategies LLC ( (external link)).

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