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Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Program Notice of Funding Availability #002

NOTE: The Application Window Has Now Closed.
This page contains documentation and records associated with the OCIO Broadband Grant Program Notice of Funding Availability #002 which was issued September 20, 2019.  The information is made available as required by Iowa Code 2018 Chapter 8B.11(3) which requires the OCIO to "conduct an open application review process and include a public internet site for applications, results, and performance." This opportunity is now closed for further applications. Please see for information about current and future programs.

The following information concerning OCIO Broadband Grant Program Notice of Funding Availability #002 can be found below:

Notice of Intent To Award

NOVEMBER 27, 2019 — The Office has reviewed all Applications received in connection with NOFA #002 in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements of Iowa Code section 8B.11, Iowa Administrative Code rule 129—22, and this NOFA and has made a final agency decision regarding whether, to which Projects, and in what amount(s) to Award grant funds. On November 27, 2019, the Office issued a “Notice of Intent Award” or “NOIA,” available at the link below. Up to 15% of total project costs were available to communication service providers that submitted applications to the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Program. 17 applications were selected by the Office of the Chief Information Officer to receive a total of $5 million in available grant funds. When combined with state grant funds, nearly $44 million in new broadband infrastructure investment will be installed in the application service areas. Approximately 13,000 homes, schools, and businesses in 33 counties will be able to access broadband service upon completion of these projects.

Adversely affected Applicants have ten (10) days to appeal such Award decision(s) by requesting a contested case proceeding in accordance with Iowa Administrative Code rule 129—22.5(4) and 129—6. Failure to challenge the Office’s decision within the ten (10) day period shall waive any other claims an Applicant may have as it relates to the Office’s administration of the process and otherwise be deemed a failure to exhaust administrative remedies. Applicants may appeal an adverse decision only for a timely submitted Application. Appeals must clearly and fully identify all issues being contested and demonstrate what requirements or procedures of or in applicable law, rule, or the NOFA were not followed or were violated. In the event of an appeal, the Office will continue working with successful Applicants pending the outcome of the appeal.

Summary of Award Decisions
Applications AWARDED
Grant Funds AWARDED
Total Project Costs
Homes, Schools, and Businesses Served
U.S. Census Blocks Affected
Counties Affected
Square Miles Affected

Notice of Funding Availability #002 - Documentation

Information concerning the grant application process, including all application materials, agreements, and program information are provided below. All Applications to this NOFA were required to be submitted electronically through the Iowa Grants System (Funding Opportunity #324138  - Broadband Grant Program - Empower Rural Iowa - NOFA #002).

Notice of Funding Availability #002 - Schedule of Important Dates

Notice of Funding Availability #002 was conducted from August 19, 2019 through November 22, 2019 (tentative).  Steps and dates of each activities are described in the schedule below.

NOFA #002 Pre-Issuance Publication 8/19/2019
Written Questions Due By 9/6/2019
Responses Posted By 9/18/2019
NOFA #002 Issued 9/20/2019
Application Acceptance Window Opens 9/20/2019
Application Acceptance Window Closes/Applications Due 10/22/2019,
5:00 PM CDT
Technical Review/Quantitative Scoring Begins 10/18/2019
Technical Review/Quantitative Scoring Ends 10/25/2019
Applications Posted Online for Public Comment and Validation Process 10/25/2019
Applications and Quantitative Scoring Submitted to members of Review Committee 10/25/2019
Office Review Begins 10/28/2019
Notice of Intent to Award 11/27/2019
Contracting Process Begins 11/27/2019

Applications Received

PLEASE NOTE: To see the list of applications that were awarded grant awards Download Notice of Intent To Award for NOFA #002. The information below pertains to all applications received by the Office under this NOFA including those that did and did not receive grant awards


Applications Received
Grant Funds Requested
Total Project Costs
Homes, Schools, and Businesses Served
U.S. Census Blocks Affected
Counties Affected
Square Miles Affected

20 applications were submitted to the OCIO in response to NOFA #002. The public, redacted versions of each application are provided below. In the Application Download column, click the link labeled "zip" next to each application to download a zip file containing the public version of that application. Additionally, the OCIO conducted a public comment process wherein members of the public could comment on any of the applications received. The public comments, along with any attestations received, have been included in the Public Comments (Click To Download) column below.

Application Control Number
Applicant Name
(Click To Download)
Total Project Cost
Grant Funds Requested
Grant Funds Awarded
Public Comments
(Click To Download)
328690 Sully Telephone Association, Inc. SULLY TELEPHONE - 2020 SOUTH RURAL FTTH PROJECT $524,336.25 $74,717.92 $74,717.92 None
328904 Searsboro Telephone Company Searsboro Telephone Company 2020 FTTH Project $226,478.00 $33,971.70 $0.00 None
328905 Searsboro Telephone Company Lynnville Telephone Company 2020 FTTH Project $299,668.00 $44,950.20 $33,712.65 None
329457 Omnitel Communications, INC. Oakland FTTH Broadband Expansion Project $5,149,700.00 $722,455.00 $722,455.00 Download
329573 Omnitel Communications, INC. FMTC-I35, Inc. FTTH Rural Broadband Expansion Project $339,720.00 $50,958.00 $50,958.00 None
329675 Mediacom LLC Mediacom LLC - Crawford County $487,903.53 $73,185.54 $62,207.71 Download
329676 Mediacom LLC Mediacom LLC - Keokuk County $621,190.13 $93,178.52 $88,519.59 Download
329851 Danville Mutual Telephone Company Danville Mutual Telephone Company FTTH Project $2,765,550.00 $414,832.50 $414,832.50 None
329932 Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative Mark/Drakesville Exchange Completion FTTH Project $3,416,000.00 $512,400.00 $512,400.00 None
330092 Westside Independent Telephone Company Proposed Arcadia Area Rural Fiber Optic Construction Project $2,043,017.20 $306,452.58 $306,452.58 None
330912 BTC, Inc. Proposed Fiber Optic Overbuild of the Cedar Hills Housing Subdivision Near Malvern, Iowa $111,793.60 $16,769.04 $16,769.04 None
330915 Heartland Telecommunications Company of Iowa Rural Akron & Hawarden $9,134,144.00 $1,096,097.28 $681,520.04 None
331016 Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association Ledyard and NE Northwood Grant $1,121,787.32 $168,268.10 $168,268.10 Download
331023 Western Iowa Wireless Deployment of Broadband Infrastructure to reduce digital divide and bridge broadband needs $8,467,350.00 $1,270,102.50 $1,016,082.00 Download
331496 Mediacom LLC Mediacom LLC - Palo Alto County $1,162,198.12 $174,329.73 $0.00 Download
331564 Maquoketa Valley Electric Cooperative MVlink Fiber Build $1,679,074.50 $251,861.18 $226,675.06 Download
331615 Mediacom LLC Mediacom LLC - Sac County $505,647.40 $75,847.12 $0.00 Download
331625 Mediacom LLC Mediacom LLC - Kossuth County $307,943.20 $46,191.48 $46,191.48 Download
332015 Sharon Telephone Company Over Build Riverside $4,102,799.00 $537,065.78 $100,212.58 Download
331816 Ringtel Communications General Manager $3,403,700.00 $503,185.00 $478,025.75 None

Notice of Funding Availability #002 - Review Committee Summary

In accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 8B.11(3), the Office is required to publish the members of the review committee and a summary of the review committee's recommended results. The link below provides the information satisfying these requirements.

Notice of Funding Availability #002 - Map of Awarded Applications

The map below shows the location of applications that were awarded grant funds under the Notice of Intent To Award for NOFA #002. Click here to see the Notice of Intent To Award.


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