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Print Procurement

The State of Iowa’s Print Experts

The state printing facilities that are now a part of the Office of the Chief Information Officer are one of the most enduring services in state government. Although technological advances have changed governmental operations from paper-centric to digitally based, agencies continue to turn to OCIO Print to help meet their communications needs. Fortunately, OCIO Print has succeeded in keeping current with the growing wave of change.

OCIO Print bids printing jobs in adherence to state rules and policies regarding procurement while achieving the best possible value for customers. Before printing a page, however, we ensure accuracy with every specification of each project in order to deliver the best possible value. OCIO Print can also assist customer agencies in establishing contracts with other printing vendors to ensure consistency and quality.

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Printed from the Office of the Chief Information Officer website on November 25, 2020 at 10:18pm.