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Corrections Improves Programming to Reduce Recidivism

Iowa Department of Corrections did not know if the programming they provide to offenders was effective in supporting reentry into the community and reducing recidivism. The Department needed a way to evaluate programming.

The Challenge: 

Program data in the Iowa Correctional Offender Network (ICON) system was outdated. Staff time was not spent in interventions shown to be most effective at addressing a particular need within the inmate population. A process had not been identified to provide good data to evaluate program performance.

The Solution: 

Prison programming was categorized into three areas: evidence based programs shown to reduce recidivism, essential programs that aid in responsiveness, increase protective factors, and re-entry, and low-priority programs with little or no impact on recidivism.  The department created an IOWA tool to use with all programming to provide fidelity monitoring to assess program administration and provide feedback to facilitators for improvement. The impact on the recidivism rate will be measured in the fall of 2018.

Open Data: 

Recidivism data is available on the Open Data Portal for the State of Iowa.

More Information: 

 Discontinued 42 programs that did not aid in re-entry or help reduce recidivism.

 Implemented consistent program review and approval process.

 Developed a fidelity tool.

 Eliminated wait list for training.

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