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Maternal Health System Consolidation

Mothers and families receiving prenatal, postpartum care, dental care, depression screening, and other services from the Department of Public Health could experience service delays when they moved or transferred between local service providers.  Service providers were unable to see a consolidated view of services provided to a family through the Child Health, Family Planning, First 5, and Maternal Health programs.

Success Category: 
The Challenge: 

Four separate systems were used to track service delivery for different services in the Maternal Health program.  The systems were all workstation based and consumed significant resources to support the various systems. With different interfaces for each system, it was confusing for staff to use the system when they were delivering multiple services.

The Solution: 

DPH moved from workstation based solution to cloud SaaS solution from TAV Health beginning in April of 2017 with the Child Health program.  Each program area migrated over the course of a year with the last program to migrate, Family Planning, completing implementation in April of 2018.  The new system allows providers to better support for expecting mothers as they may move to a different city. Realtime information is available to the 82 contracting agencies.  User feedback is collected through an annual survey to identify system satisfaction and requests for enhancements. System support has been improved with regular webinars. The new system provides a more holistic approach.

Service Results: 
  • Single point of data entry
  • Reduced help desk support by 33% with the elimination of 2,000 hours support annually.
  • Improved Quality Assurance reviews



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