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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Videos for Grant Recipients

The technical assistance videos listed below are designed to provide useful information to grantees of the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Program. These videos are also available on the OCIO’s YouTube channel. 

OCIO Advanced Payment Video

OCIO Proof of Purchases Video

OCIO Proof of Payments

OCIO Summary Invoice

OCIO Reimbursement 

OCIO Time Reporting


Grants Management Policies and Procedures 

The Grants Management Guides provided below detail the processes grantees will utilize for the successful management of public funds. These guides may be updated from time to time to capture best practices or changes in state of federal processes. 

NOFA 1-2 Grants Management Guide 

NOFA 4 Grants Management Guide

NOFA 6 Grants Management Guide

NOFA 7 Grants Management Guide


Reimbursement Support 

The Excel spreadsheet will assist grantees with completing their reimbursement claims.

Summary Invoice


For additional information please review our Questions and Answers.



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