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Background Check Requests (Single Contact Repository - SING): 

The SING application allows authorized users to perform background checks on potential employees, volunteers and students doing clinicals, from a single web page.  Access is restricted by type of organization.  SING expedites the process of checking backgrounds of employees and volunteers as required by regulations and policies.  Authorized users may have internet access to Iowa Criminal History and Sex Offender Registry (SOR) information held by the Department of Public Safety / Division of Criminal Investigation (DI), Department of Human Services (DHS) Central Abuse Registry for Child and Dependent Adult Abuse, as well as professional license information through SING.

Request an ID for your organization to do background checks with SING by submitted your form by  fax, email, or USPS mail.

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Iowa Fees

What does Iowa state government charge for a barber license or a mineral mine license?   In November of 2014 the State launched the Iowa Fees website to answer these questions by providing a website where citizens can see the fees charged by Iowa state government.  This site appears to be the first website of it’s kind in the nation that allows you to analyze government fees from a single location. 

Search Iowa Fees

School Alerts

Over 50 school districts across the State of Iowa utilize this School Alerts System.  Sign up to receive notices from your school district.


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