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Regulatory Plan Fiscal Year 2017

Notice of regulatory objectives and priorities required by State of Iowa Executive Order Number 9, September 14, 1999.

Regulatory objectives and priorities.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) will initially focus on establishing OCIO initial agency administrative rules and those rules that conflict with State of Iowa Code Chapter 8B. Previous legislation transferred Information Technology (IT) responsibilities, functions and procedures to the OCIO from the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), however the administrative rules have not yet been updated to reflect the legislation.

Rules under active consideration or development.

  1. Waivers
  2. Information technology governance
  3. Information technology operational standards
  4. Information technology development strategies and activities
  5. State printing
  6. Information technology procurement
  7. Purchasing standards for technology-related service contracts
  8. Uniform terms and conditions for technology-related service contracts
  9. Technology-related contractual limitation of vendor liability provisions
  10. Other related rules necessary for State of Iowa Code Chapter 8B

Rule 1 is for general agency process and procedures for operations.
Rules 2 - 9  include responsibilities transferred to the OCIO and reflected in State of Iowa Code Chapter 8B.
Rule 10 includes any State of Iowa Code Chapter 8B that may be necessary as a result of  rules 2-10 above.

Summary of legal basis: State of Iowa Code Chapter 8B and Chapter 17A
Statement of need: Required to provide clarification, process, and procedures.
Contemplated schedule: Fiscal Year 17/18



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