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Cloud Services

IT Consulting Services

The State of Iowa has a number of agencies utilizing Oracle based applications. In order to maintain and further develop these applications, the State is in need of Oracle services to assist in developing and supporting the programs.



Case Management System

The State Public Defender of Iowa (SPD) seeks a case management system to facilitate its efforts to provide legal representation to indigent persons in criminal, juvenile and appellate matters.  Because the current case management system lacks bot

e-Library Resources

The State Library of Iowa, a division of the Iowa Department of Education,

Campaign Reporting and Disclosure Portal

The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board seeks a replacement solution for its Web Reporting System (WRS) that receives, tracks, and accesses financial disclosure reports and allows the public to follow the flow of money in Iowa politics. 


Curriculum Database and Program Approval Solution

The Iowa Department of Education seeks qualified vendors to develop a new Curriculum Database and Program Approval solution to fulfill its statutory responsibility to approve all programs for Iowa's fifteen (15) community colleges, as well as the career and technical education (CTE) programs for Iowa's public school districts.

Master Data Management Services

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) seeks qualified vendors to provide Master Data Management services.

NOTE:  The deadline for submitting proposals has been extended to August 28, 2020, at 3:00pm Central Standard Time.



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