Social Media Policy

OCIO adopts the State of Iowa Social Media Policy as published by the Department of Administrative Services.
State of Iowa Employee Handbook: Appendix E - Social Media Policy

Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is to present technology matters and online state services of public interest to the citizens of Iowa. We encourage you to submit comments, but please note that this is not a public forum.

Social Media Account Management

All agency social media accounts for the agency and account access will be approved by the Chief Information Officer. Social Media accounts must have at least two administrators authorized to access the account. 

Acceptable Use

Tweeting, retweeting, posting, sharing of content is acceptable.  You may be confident that you are authorized to share OCIO information when the content has already been made publicly available by official agency communication (posted to the OCIO website or agency sponsored social media site such as @IowaOCIO.  You may want to precede your message with “Sharing @IowaOCIO news” Agency postings to non-agency sponsored sites is restricted to authorized staff.

Employees are responsible for reporting suspected violations of this policy to their direct supervisor. If the suspected violation involves the employee’s immediate supervisor, the employee is encouraged to report it to the next highest supervisor or, in the alternative, to the Director of the Iowa Department of Administrative Services.

Effective Date:  This policy shall be effective February 1, 2016

Printed from the Office of the Chief Information Officer website on April 23, 2018 at 2:50pm.